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Located at 3 avenue de Verdun in Isle-Jourdain, the Centre Contrôle Technique L’Islois is located next to the L’Isle-Jourdain train station and the School group (Paul Bert, Lucie Aubrac and Jean de la Fontaine Schools).

Technical Control Centre L’Islois

Open for more than 20 years, we welcome you from Monday to Saturday to carry out the technical inspection of your petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid or LPG commercial vehicle.

From the city car to the motorhome, through the 4×4 or the utility, not to mention the classic vehicles, come and make an appointment at the Technical Control L’Islois.

Our controller is certified and approved through mandatory, technical training which requires
the highest level of precision. Our team therefore strictly respects the regulations in force,
provides you with safety advice and guarantees you a quality service and control of your vehicle
while respecting the environment.

We inspect and certify
4x4  hybrid vehicles LPG vehicles campervans utilities ...

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Technical Control

A roadworthiness test is an examination that consists of checking 133 control points of a vehicle.

Generally, there are 4 types of technical inspection: the first inspection, the periodic technical inspection, the additional pollution inspection and the voluntary inspection.


The counter-inspection must be carried out if the vehicle has defects after a first technical inspection. Defective items must be repaired within a maximum of 2 months.

points checked during a vehicle technical inspection

Vehicle identification (licence plates, vehicle status, etc.),
Braking equipment (complete braking system, ABS, brake fluid, etc.),
Steering (power steering, steering wheel, column, riping, etc.),
Windscreen (glazing, windshield wipers, etc.),
Lights, reflective devices and electrical equipment (headlights, stop lights, etc.),
Axles, wheels, tires, suspension (rim, tires, shock absorbers, etc.),
Chassis and chassis accessories (exhaust pipes, bumpers, etc.),
Other equipment (seat belt, airbag, audible warning device, security alarm, remote, etc.),
Nuisances (exhaust and gaseous emissions, opacity, etc.).

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